Songwriting Workshops

One-time workshops on songwriting and the spiritual life or a multi-week songwriting cohort for members of your church or group.

We partner with churches, prisons, and non-profit organizations to bring songwriting classes to people who are hungry to grow in their creativity. These classes bring people into conversation with scripture, poetry, and a diverse library of music to give voice to the things that have been left in silence for too long. The workshops do not require any experience with songwriting or instrumentation, they only require an openness to the idea that we are all, at our root, deeply creative.

Worship Music Leadership & Performance

Leading your congregation in traditional, contemporary, or original worship music.

We will come to your worship service or event (e.g. wedding, funeral, conference, social gathering, fundraiser, etc.) and lead others in song. Each of us is a pastor with extensive experience planning worship. We understand the nuances of crafting a service and will work with you to select music that engages the themes & tone of the wider service. If you are interested in booking us with a whole band for an event (rather than an acoustic duo), let us know--we have many talented friends to bring on board. 

Sing A New Song: Song of Faith from Women in Prison

An hour-long performance of original music and testimonies written by currently and formerly incarcerated women at Raleigh's North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women (NCCIW).

In 2016, we received a Vital Worship Grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in Grand Rapids, MI to teach a songwriters course for members of the worshipping congregation at NCCIW. These women have offered their own voices to worship music, engaging with experiences as varied as grief, abuse, faith, incarceration, and hope. Dozens of songs were written during the course of the class, and we have arranged them for public performance. The focus of this program is on the stories - both written and sung - of our incarcerated sisters. We would love to come share this rare gift with your community.


Thoughtful exegesis of the scriptures that comes alive through storytelling and engages the concerns of our time and place.

We would love to come share the gift of preaching with you and your congregation. Whether it's a one-time engagement or an extended series for a retreat or camp, Mike is a weekly congregational preacher and Sus has travelled to preach and teach on international mission trips. Send us near, send us far, together or just one.

Composition & Writing

  • Song & Hymn commissions

  • Devotionals

  • Freelance articles

  • Worship materials (prayers, poems, liturgies, contemporary creeds)